Universal Gamepad Driver For Mac

Universal Gamepad Driver For Mac

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**Please note that UJR is no longer maintained as it has been replaced with UCR. **

UJR is a stand-alone application written in AutoHotkey.
It is distributed in compiled form, so please do not attempt to download the source from Github unless you know what you are doing.

Download UJR.

UJR is an application for taking axes or buttons from one or more physical joysticks, and merging them onto a virtual joystick (with tweaks such as axis inversion, deadzones, sensitivity etc).

It is used by gamers to fine tune behavior of sticks and perform operations not normally possible such as merge two pedal axes into one 'rudder axis.'

WARNING: UJR does 'Phone Home' to check version number (it reads a text file from my web site) so it can let you know if a newer version is available. This behavior is non-malicious, but any attempt by any version of UJR to do anything else network-wise should be considered malicious and a result of a modified or infected file.

If in doubt, download from github and use the uncompiled version, or compile it yourself.


Here are some screenshots of UJR in action:

About the Application

Joystick Mapper is an application for Mac OS X that lets you map keyboard keys, mouse axes, mouse buttons and mouse wheel to any mac compatible joystick or gamepad button/axis/hat.

In other words: This App will let you play any game or use any app with any mac compatible joystick or gamepad, even the ones that are not compatible with joysticks.

Some review quotes: Creating an ntfs drop box for mac.

★★★★★ - 'If your a gamer on a mac, you want this app.'
★★★★★ - 'The app is easy to use and makes a lot of sense.'
★★★★★ - 'Just the app I was looking for!'

A video showing the app working with a popular mac game:

Another video showing the app working with a flash game inside a browser, and explaining briefly how to config the app:

Some screenshots:

The main screen (1st picture) lets you select a list of previously saved configurations that are easily modifiable.

In the configuration screen (2nd picture), just select the joystick input (buttons, axes, dpads) and the desired output (keyboard keys, mouse movement, scroll, etc).


  • Use any axis, dpads or buttons on your joystick to simulate keyboard and mouse;
  • Map any of the 4 directions from an Analog Stick independently;
  • Analog Shoulder Triggers can be used as buttons;
  • Smooth mouse movement;
  • Adjust mouse speed for analog sticks per direction individually, this can help with crappy gamepads;
  • Any 'weird' combination you want:
    • Button/Dpad/Analog Stick/Analog Trigger --> Keyboard/Mouse/Click/Scroll;
  • Ready-to-use examples, easily modifiable;
  • Compatible with USB and Bluetooth Joysticks;
    (If it does not explicitly say 'Mac compatible', please check compatibility. I have a list of tested gamepads here, please help expanding it)
  • Easy to use interface.


  • A Mac with OS X 10.6.6 or higher;
  • One or more USB or Bluetooth joysticks/Gamepads;
  • Just a little bit of disc space.
Universal Gamepad Driver For Mac
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