Top 5 Free Alternatives To Freecommander For Mac

Top 5 Free Alternatives To Freecommander For Mac

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Download Rufus for Mac Free – Best Alternatives to Rufus for Mac:

Rufus is a utility application for creating bootable USB flash drive and live USB. However, Rufus app is available for Microsoft Windows only, so you cannot use it on Mac OS X. In such circumstances, you should find Rufus for Mac alternative apps and use them to create a bootable USB flash drive from a normal pen drive or memory stick.


  • 1 7 Best Alternatives to Rufus for Mac Free Download

What is Rufus?

When you want to create a bootable flash drive, you need to get help of a utility app. Rufus provides free utility service through its app on Windows operating system. If you have Linux or Mac System then you have to use an alternative to Rufus for Mac to create a bootable USB flash drive.


Need of Rufus for Mac

You need Rufus for Mac when you want to convert a regular pen drive into a bootable flash drive. The Rufus App provides four different services as mentioned below:

  1. Create USB Installation Media from Bootable ISO Files.
  2. Work on a System that does not have an OS installed.
  3. Flash a BIOS or Other Firmware from DOS.
  4. Run a Low Level Utility.

7 Best Alternatives to Rufus for Mac Free Download

Rufus is a utility tool designed for Windows OS only. For Mac System, you need to find an alternative to Rufus for Mac and then use it. We have conducted a research to know which Rufus alternative is best for Mac System. As a result, we found some free utility apps which actually work as good as Rufus app.

01. UNetbootin

UNetbootin is also known as Universal Netboot Installer. It is a cross platform utility app that runs on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The UNetbootin is a free and best alternative to Rufus for Mac that allows to create bootable live USB drives for Windows and Linux distributions without burning a CD.

The UNetbootin has built-in support for various distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Linux Mint, ArchLinux, Debian, CentOS, Frugalware, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Parted Magic. You can also install other distributions via an ISO or floppy/hard disk image file.

02. balenaEtcher

balenaEtcher is a free utility tool for multiple platforms. The Mac users can install balenaEtcher as an alternative to Rufus for Mac. With help of balenaEtcher, you can flash image files on SD Cards and USB Drives. It allows you to write .iso, .img and zip files/folder onto USB Flash Drives.

You can use the Etcher program on your Mac through its graphical user interface. In near future, balenaEtcher will have features like support for persistent storage allowing SD card or Flash drive to be used as a hard drive. It will also support for flashing multiple boot partitions to a single SD card or USB flash drive.

03. DiskMaker X

Top 5 Free Alternatives To Freecommander For Mac

DiskMaker X is a utility application built with AppleScript. The DiskMaker X is best alternative to Rufus for Mac as it is compatible with many versions of OS X/Mac OS. Formerly, the DiskMaker X was known as Lion DiskMaker. It helps to create a boot disk from a USB thumb drive, an external Firewire, Thunderbolt drive or an SD card.

As you launch the DiskMaker X on your Mac, it tries to find a valid Mac OS/OS X app with Spotlight. Thereafter it will propose to create a bootable install disk on an external drive. You can use the install drive to fully reinstall the OS X on a just formatted Mac hard drive.

04. Deepin Boot Maker

Deepin Boot Maker is a free application developed by Deepin Technology Team. Its easy to use interface makes it the best alternative to Rufus for Mac for creating bootable USB stick. The Deepin Book Maker is designed to support deepin install ISO and all Ubuntu live install ISO.

Deepin Boot Maker has very beautiful and easy to operate UI (User Interface). It is made to help you burn an ISO file to a flash drive which you can use whenever you need. Even if your pen drive is not working, the Deepin Boot Maker can turn it to a bootable USB drive.

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05. ROSA ImageWriter

ROSA ImageWriter is a program for writing ROSA installation image to a flash disk. It has simple interface so that you can quickly create a bootable USB flash drive from an ISO or Image file. The ROSA ImageWriter is the best alternative to Rufus as it works faster while writing Image file on a flash drive.

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The ROSA Image files are hybrid. It means they contains ISO image headers and partition table with boot record which are used for hard disks and flash sticks. ROSA distribution comes in the form of ISO Image file that you can burn on to a DVD or bootable flash disk on your Mac.

06. Install Disk Creator

Install Disk Creator is a powerful app to create a bootable flash drive on Mac System. It provides very simple interface to select Mac OS Installer File and the Flash Drive. The Install Disk Creator is a free and best alternative to Rufus for Mac with necessary features.

With help of Install Disk Creator App, you can transform a USB media device into a fully bootable Mac OS installer. It is very useful for the users with multiple Mac devices. They can easily complete their task of cleaning installs and reinstall Mac OS on various Mac Systems.

07. ISO Image Writer

ISO Image Writer is a utility tool for Mac System, Windows OS and Linux. You can use the ISO Image Writer to write ISO Image Files on USB Drives and SD Cards. The ISO Image Writer is the best alternative to Rufus for Mac as it allows you to quickly create a bootable flash drive on Mac computer system.

ISO Image Writer has a small window with a few important options to let you wipe USB disk and write ISO images on it. When you use ISO Image Writer to create a bootable USB flash drive, it also verifies the digital signature of ISO Files. So the ISO Image you choose will be safe for your Mac as it is checked by ISO Image Writer.

Final Opinion:

All the alternatives to Rufus for Mac are great apps to create a bootable USB disk. You can choose any one app for your Mac System and use it whenever you want to turn a normal USB disk into a fully bootable flash drive.

Top 5 Free Alternatives To Freecommander For Mac
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