Telestream Maccaption Enterprise 6.0 For Mac

Telestream Maccaption Enterprise 6.0 For Mac

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MacCaption version 7.0.4 supports Desktop, Pro, and Enterprise licenses provided. Users with Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or older will need to upgrade. From version 6.0 or previous versions of MacCaption should take a.

e-Captioning™ engine
This revolutionary technology integrates with digital production systems to prepare and encode both standard and high definition video with FCC-compliant video captions.
- Encode closed captions to any file or tape format
- Export captions from NLEs or DVD authoring systems
- Embed captions into Web and mobile content
- Extract captions from tapes, files, or live broadcasts
- Email captions to your clients
- Edit closed captions in a non-linear interface with batch conversion and automated workflows
- Enhance your closed captions with true CEA-708 features supported by ATSC DTV
Fast, efficient processing
MacCaption and Caption Maker provide an efficient way for you to comply with federal regulations while maintaining fast delivery of time-sensitive captioned video material.
- Use existing NLEs, capture cards and video servers
- Begin preparing your closed captions while you are editing
- Convert closed captions to subtitles and webcast formats
- Standards convert closed captions
- Batch encode closed captions for any standard
- Prepare closed captions for any resolution
Closed captioning for any workflow
Closed captioning for file based workflows, web and mobile, NLEs, assembly and media management, live broadcast and webcast, DVD and Blu-Ray.
Automatic Time Stamping
Our Auto Time Stamp (ATS) feature dramatically reduces the time it takes to time stamp your closed captions.
- An accurate transcript.
- A video with a high quality audio track (i.e. good signal-to-noise ratio).
- CaptionMaker or MacCaption software

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If you purchased software from Telestream after October 28, 2013:
You will have received a serial number which you can activate in version 6.0 or later of the software. You do not require a USB dongle to run the software.

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Closed caption maker

If you purchased software from CPC or Telestream prior to October 28, 2013:
Your software was shipped with a hardware USB dongle. This dongle is required to use the software. If you have a dongle and are having trouble with it, please see the steps below.

If the dongle does NOT light up with a red light:

If it is not lit, it usually means that the HASP drivers are not installed, or became uninstalled. Installing the latest version of the software (licensed version) from our Download page will automatically re-install the HASP drivers. If this doesn't work, the key might not be inserted fully into the USB connector, or it might have been damaged and will need to be sent in for repair. In that case, please contact Caption Sales for a key exchange (there is a fee for this service.)

If the dongle DOES have a red light lit:

  • If you are using a Mac, please make sure you are using at least version 5.5 or later of MacCaption. Older versions included a HASP driver that would sometimes stop working, requiring a reboot of the machine. The newer versions of MacCaption will automatically install a driver update that fixes this problem.
  • Often, all you need to do is unplug your dongle from the computer, restart your computer, and after it boots up fully, plug the dongle back in. This works surprisingly often.
  • Are you sure you are looking at the correct dongle? A number of other high-end software packages use similar dongles. Make sure the dongle you are looking at has a CPC key chain on it.
  • Is the dongle plugged into a keyboard, USB hub, or extension? Some hubs create problems for dongles, so it's best to plug the dongle directly into your computer's built-in USB ports.
  • Are you running on a restricted corporate or secure network? The dongle driver uses TCP/UDP port 1947 to communicate. It does not require Internet (WAN) access, only LAN access. Please ask your IT administrator to make sure port 1947 is not blocked on the LAN side.
  • Do you have any other dongles from other companies (e.g. Avid, DaVinci Resolve, Eclipse, Autodesk, etc.) plugged in at the same time? Try removing any dongle except for CPC, reboot your machine, and run our software again. If this works, we can usually work around this problem by updating your dongle drivers.
Telestream Maccaption Enterprise 6.0 For Mac
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