Sony Bdp-s390 Blu-ray Player Firmware M11.r.0422 For Mac

Sony Bdp-s390 Blu-ray Player Firmware M11.r.0422 For Mac


Raw ISO images (SACD-R) that are burned to DVD-R can be played on several SACD players. If your SACD player is not in this list please write an ISO to disc and give it a try.


Sony BDP-S390 - Blu-ray disc player overview and full product specs on CNET. Best Products. All the best products. Award Winners Versus Best Headphones Best. Do not power off the Blu-ray Disc player or disconnect it from the AC power outletLoss of power during the installation of the firmware update may cause the Blu-ray Disc player to be unresponsive or to require repair; In order to use this update method it is necessary to have the player correctly connected to an active Internet connection. Intel 945 motherboard drivers for xp.

Confirmed to play

  • Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD
  • Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD
  • Denon DBP-1611UD
  • Denon DBP-2012UD
  • Denon DVD-2910
  • Denon DVD-3910
  • Denon DVD-5910
  • Denon DVD-A11
  • Denon DVD-A1XVA
  • Marantz DV7600
  • Marantz UD5005
  • NAD M5
  • NAD M55
  • NAD T585
  • OPPO BDP-80
  • OPPO BDP-83
  • OPPO BDP-93
  • OPPO BDP-95
  • Pioneer BDP-140
  • Pioneer BDP-150
  • Pioneer BDP-450 (added on 12/19/2015)
  • Sony BDP-S180
  • Sony BDP-S370
  • Sony BDP-S370/BX37
  • Sony BDP-S380
  • Sony BDP-S390 (up to firmware M11.R.0422)
  • Sony BDP-S470
  • Sony BDP-S480
  • Sony BDP-S570
  • Sony BDP-S580
  • Sony BDP-S590 (up to firmware M12.R.0430)
  • Sony BDP-S780
  • Sony BDP-S870
  • Sony BDP-S970
  • Sony BDV-E870
  • Yamaha BD-S1067

Confirmed to play after (custom) firmware update

  • BBK DV727S
  • Cambridge Audio DVD89
  • Harman Kardon DVD47
  • Marantz DV-7001
  • Onkyo DV-S502E
  • Oppo DV-970HD
  • Oppo DV-980H
  • Oppo DV-981HD
  • Philips DVP-5500S
  • Pioneer DV-575A
  • Pioneer DV-578A
  • Pioneer DV-585A
  • Pioneer DV-600AV
  • Pioneer DV-610AV
  • Pioneer DV-696AV
  • Pioneer DV-LX50
  • Samsung HD745
  • Samsung HD841
  • Samsung HD941
  • Samsung HD945
  • Samsung HD950
  • Sony BDP-S390 (downgrade firmware to M11.R.0422)
  • Sony BDP-S590 (downgrade firmware to M12.R.0430)
  • Yamaha DVD-S657
  • Yamaha DVD-S1700
  • Yamaha DVD-S1800
  • Yamaha DVD-S2700

NOT Working

  • Accuphase DP-100
  • Arcam DV137
  • Cambridge Audio DVD99
  • Cary DVD8
  • Denon DVD-1930
  • Denon DVD-1940
  • Denon DVD-2900
  • Denon DVD-2930
  • Denon DVD-3930
  • EMM Labs CDSD
  • Esoteric SZ-1s
  • Integra DPS-6.9
  • Marantz DV-6001
  • Marantz DV-6400
  • Marantz DV-6500
  • Marantz DV-9500
  • Marantz DV-9600
  • Marantz SA-15S1
  • Marantz SA-7001
  • Marantz SA-7003
  • McIntosh MCD301
  • McIntosh MCD500
  • McIntosh MVP881
  • NAD T535
  • Onkyo C-S5VL
  • Onkyo DV-506
  • Onkyo DV-SP504
  • Onkyo DV-SP506
  • Onkyo DV-SP1000
  • Oppo DV-983H
  • Parasound D3
  • Philips DVP-9000S
  • Philips DVD-963SA
  • Pioneer DV-563A
  • Pioneer DV-565A
  • Pioneer DV-656A
  • Pioneer DV-733A
  • Pioneer DV-747A
  • Pioneer DV-757Ai
  • Pioneer DV-868AVi
  • Pioneer DV-989AVi
  • Pioneer PD-D6-J
  • Sherwood Newcastle SD-871
  • Sony DVP-NS700V
  • Sony DVP-NS90V
  • Sony DVP-NS900V
  • Sony DVP-NS955V
  • Sony DVP-S9000ES
  • Sony PlayStation3
  • Sony SCD XB940 QS
  • Sony SCD-555ES
  • Sony SCD-C333ES
  • Sony SCD-CE595
  • Sony SCD-XA5400ES
  • Sony SCD-XB790
  • Yamaha CD-S1000
  • Yamaha CD-S2000
  • Yamaha DVD-S1500
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Sony BDP-S390

8 user region code comments

December 09, 2018Post region code/hack comment

I tried nlopedebarrios hack(BDP-S360) for my BDP-S390 as there were no hacks posted. It worked like a charm. DVD player purchased in Canada, and initially would only play Region 1 DVD discs, now plays all. Unknown for Blu-ray.
Credit to below:
Region code hack posted by nlopedebarrios, March 10 2010:
This one worked on a BDP-S360 bought in the USA:
1) Make sure there is no disc in tray
2) Press the 'HOME' key on the Sony BDP remote control
3) Press number keys '1389310'
4) Power off.
Now try a non-region 1 dvd.

Tried this hack on my Sony BDP-S390.. Didn't work. :(

Alas, didn't work on my BDP-S390. Mine was bought in the UK; I want to be able to play region 1 DVDs as well as region 2.

Bought mine in US. Did not work

Bought in USA. Tried hack 11/15/2017. Did not work. I can only assume an update stopped it from
working any longer.

Hi Anyone found a way of making a Sony BDP S390 region free ?

I successfully followed hack steps posted by triedahack 12/20/2013 for Sony BDP-S390 purchased in USA. Amazing!

Disregard post of 12/8/2018.
Applying the hack posted by triedahack DID NOT work on my BD-S390.

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Sony Bdp-s390 Blu-ray Player Firmware M11.r.0422 For Mac
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