Play Iso On Mac Emulator

Play Iso On Mac Emulator


You can’t directly install Windows programs on Mac OS X. But you can access Windows application on Mac using Windows emulators for Mac.
Here i am provide list of best Windows emulator for Mac.
1. Parallels Desktop – $53.97
This is one of the best app that allow you to run Windows programs on Mac computer. It is really easy to setup and access. You can run any other operating system apps like Linux, Unix apps.
System Requirements:

  • Intel processor based Mac computer
  • OS X Yosemite or Old OS version like Mavericks, Mountain lion or lion
  • Windows 32 bit or 62 bit installation CD/DVD or ISO image.

2. VMware Fusion
Easiest and fastest way to run Windows Programs on a Mac without rebooting. Its designed for new & home users.
3. Virtual PC for Mac
Virtual PC allow you to access Windows system based software, networks and share file with other PC users.
4. CrossOver Mac – $12.95
Simple solution to run Windows design, production,utility and games app on your mac. You can easily switch between Windows and Mac apps. Windows apps gain native Mac OS X functionality such as Mission Control, keyboard shortcuts and copy & paste.
5. Wineskin Winery (free)
Its used to make ports of Windows software. Its works on older versions like Snow leopard to OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
6. VirtualBox (free & Open source)
VirtualBox is a free and open source virtualisation software for enterprise and home users. It creates Virtual machines for Windows, linux like operating systems.
7. WinOnX
Run Windows programs on Mac OS X without buying a Windows license.
8. Boot Camp
Bootcamp is a Mac native utility app which allow you to install Windows on your Mac computer. It creates partition for Windows OS and add Mac support software. So you can use your MacBook brightness, trackpad functions on Windows. But you need Windows installation DVD or ISO file.
After installing Windows using Bootcamp, just press the Option key at Mac startup to select Windows or Mac operating systems.
You can easily integrate Bootcamp Windows installation with Parallels Desktop software.
9. Wine Bottler (free & Open source)
Turn you windows based applications into Mac programs. Access Windows apps like media players, browsers (Internet explorer) and games.It directly run Windows based programs on your Mac.
10. Citrix XenApp
It allow you to access any type of application in any device. All applications are stored on a database. If you computer not connected to internet, it uses Citrix application virtualisation to emulate Windows.
If you knew any other Windows emulator for Mac, inform us via comment.

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But the disk emulator is necessary tool for many people. You get a disc image of a popular video game, for example. It allows you to play the. It may be used by a Nintendo Wii emulator, such as Dolphin Emulator, to play a game. ISO files may also be used to store a backup copy of a game.

Play Iso On Mac Emulator
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