Neo Geo Rage X 5 2 Emulator For Mac

Neo Geo Rage X 5 2 Emulator For Mac

I have been messing around my NeoGeo ROMs lately and have. I am currently running NeoRAGEx 5.0 and have noticed in a lot of side scrolling games that my screen has a staggering. Forums Emulators on Personal Computers (Windows, Mac, Linux). Gamers report big problems with simcity for mac. I'll have to give Final Burn a whurl later tonight.

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NeoRageX (AKA: Neo Rage X, Neorag Ex, NeoRAGEx; short for NeoGeo Real Arcade Game Emulator) is currently the most perfect and classic Neo-Geo System (AES and MVS arcade system board) emulator for Window, from France. Its predecessor is NeoRAGE – the first Neo-Geo emulator available on DOS platform that could emulate NeoGeo games well.

NeoRageX experienced DOS, Windows versions, from the past soundless version to the present perfect sound simulation. Its each update really touched the hearts of many players, and in its earlier version 0.6b, it could perfectly support all popular NEOGEO games. I guess maybe some arcade game players bought a computer just for this reason. And we believe that most of us have been using NeoRageX to play NEO GEO games all the time. Because it features low hardware requirements, fast execution speed and very good graphics quality! Unfortunately, its subsequent versions are less than satisfactory. Hence, here, AppNee also provides players with NeoRageX’s last few ideal versions.

Anyway, with NeoRageX, we can play quite a lot of very classic SNK‘s series of game works on PC, especially the most famous fighting games, including Fatal Fury series, KOF series, Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits) series, The Last Blade series, etc. BTW, in addition to MAME, only NeoRageX can simulate SNK game ROMs with the best effects.

// Official Demo Video //

// Prompts //

For the same one NEO game, some ROMs can be run in NeoRageX, some ones only can be played in WinKawaks.

// Tips //

With DxWnd, you can run NeoRageX in a window mode.

// Download URLs //

v5.4eLast hacker version that can launch all the newest games. Contains already the ROM BIOS443 KB
v5.2aWindows All1.33 MB
v0.8b2.90 MB
v0.6bWindows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista 32-bit317 KB
XPWindows XP only262 KB


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Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.
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NeoGeo emulator
Were you a fan of arcade games back in the 80s? Do you miss the times when everyone was excited about tiles like Space Invaders, Street Fiighters and Pac-Man? Or maybe you want to have a chance of playing some NeoGeo classics like King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and Double Dragon?
NeoRAGEx is a NeoGeo emulator for Windows-based systems that lets you play NeoGeo games on your computer. The application has a really easy to use UI, through which you can change the program’s settings, but also the controls, audio, video and the folders where the ROMs will be stored.
Once you’re done with the settings all you have to do is choose the game you want to play from the list.
- After you choose the folder, NeoRAGEx will automatically detect all the ROMs it contains
- It can even detect ROMs stored as ZIP archives inside the ROM folder
- Joystick support is enabled
- Audio settings include volume, mono/stereo and dB
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Neo Geo Rage X 5 2 Emulator For Mac
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