Mestrenova 12 For Mac

Mestrenova 12 For Mac

Pull up MestReNova, then open your NMR file from documents. A new window will open double click on the MestReNova12.0.0-20080Mestrelab.exe file. Try here:


Mnova or MestReNova is the name of the Mestrelab Research Group’s engineering and specialized engineering science program. This software is referred to as a superior software suite for the processing of chemistry data. The analysis of your data is also done correctly by this software. With this software you can polish your technology development. The software ahead of you is one of the most famous and popular names in the field of chemistry development.

Using the Mnova bundle you will be able to process, visualize, simulate, anticipate and analyze your own. Working with this software is also such that you with a few specialties in the field of chemistry can easily learn the software. The bundle before you will be categorized into two basic plugins. Mnova NMR and Mnova MS are two

Mestrenova 12 For Mac

Mestrelab Research Features

  • A complete bundle on development and advancement in the field of chemistry
  • Quick and excellent processing of your data
  • Possibility of highly advanced simulation and modeling
  • Benefit from 9 highly functional plugins
  • Enjoy the ability to use various modules
  • Prediction based on your statistical data
  • Prediction of physical and chemical properties
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your work

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  4. 1D and 2D NMR processing and analysis made easy
  5. 1D and 2D NMR processing and analysis made easy
  6. Enhance productivity with minimum effort. The Mnova NMR plugin is ideal both for the non-expert NMR user looking for an easy to learn software which delivers quick, high quality results, andfor the expert user looking for extensive advanced functionality.
  7. Intelligent Peak Picking and Automatic Solvent Recognition
  8. Intelligent Peak Picking and Automatic Solvent Recognition
  9. Every peak is automatically classified according to different descriptors, ranging from peak compound, impurities, 13C satellites, solvent, etc. The automation of this classification is possible thanks to a fuzzy logic expert system included since Mnova version 7.0
  10. Automatic and/or paperless 1D / 2D assignments
  11. Automatic and/or paperless 1D / 2D assignments
  12. If combining Mnova NMR with a license of Mnova NMRPredict Desktop, it provides a very simple interface to automatically assign your molecule.
  13. Just load your 1H-NMR spectrum with the applicable molecular structure and follow the menu ‘Analysis/Auto Assignments’. You can also load your HSQC dataset in the same document, to increase the quality of the assignments.
Mestrenova 12 For Mac
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