Kona Lhi Drivers For Mac

Kona Lhi Drivers For Mac

Aja corvid 88 drivers

Hello! This is my first post. Im looking for a little guidance.

Version: Wirecast PRO 8.2.0(33034) 64 -bit

Kona Lhi Drivers For Mac

Kona LHI / breakout cable
Software: AJA_DesktopSoftware_Win_v14.0
Driver: Direct Show: KonaDS-

Windows 10 home
os build 16299.192

Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P (Next Week i will have a new MSI X370)

MacCaption DTV and HD Enterprise software now works with the AJA KONA (3, LHi, LHe, and LSe) and IO HD cards along with Final Cut Pro 7 to create HD and SD closed captions. The AJA KONA LHi brings the highest quality 3G/HD/SD-SDI and analog video/audio to an Apple Mac Pro running Final Cut Pro software. KONA LHi offers high quality digital and analog interfaces with support for 8 and 10 bit uncompressed video. DVCPRO HD, HDV, and Apple RT Extreme are also supported—and even accelerated by onboard hardware.

Processor: AMD FX(tm) 8320 eight core 3.5 ghz (Next Week i will have a new AMD Ryzen 5 1600)

GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 (Next Week i will have a new EVGA 1060)

I have the KONA LHi in the 4th PCie slot (only one that fits) on my comp. I have the same issue a prior user has where Control room would display the image from the sony cam HDMI output (slt a35) to the HDMI in on the Kona lhi in true form (no issue). I then would close control room. When i went into wirecast i had no AJA Kona Card available until i installed the direct show driver. Now that i have that Direct Show driver installed, I can get 'a' image into wirecast as wirecast now recognizes the Kona Lhi card. However, as you can see from the image attachment that something ins't right. I seem to be exhausting my options in the settings of 'Control Panel' and 'Multi Ch config' I have swapped around HDMI cables between devices.

Hope, i can get an approach to solving this 'format/driver/setting' issue im faced with. Thank You


more notes on AJA Control Panel:
Hardware ID:
KONA LHi (0x10266400) S/N XLR Breakout Cable

Hardware Temperature:
81.7 deg C / 179.1 deg F

VideoProc Bit file:
2012/05/21 15:25:30 LHi Main

Driver Version:
14.0.0 build 32

NTV2 SDK Version:

/Program Files/AJA/windows/Applications - ajadaemon.exe - AJA ControlPanel.exe - AJA ControlRoom.exe - AJA Multi-Channel Config.exe - AJA System Test.exe

/Windows/System32 - KonaASIO64.dll

* Uninstalled * - com.aja.devicesettings

* Uninstalled * - com.aja.devicesettings

/Users/Public/Documents/Wirecast/SourceSDK/AJAMultiWirecast/x64 - AJAMultiWirecast.dll

/Users/Public/Documents/Wirecast/OutputSDK/AJAOutput/x64 - AJAOutput.dll

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Kona Lhi Drivers For Mac
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