Install The Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in For Mac

Install The Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in For Mac

Is there any way to enable the Silverlight Plug-In in Safari 12? No, there is no way to make the current version of the Silverlight plugin work with Safari 12. As of today, no actively supported web browser on macOS can run the current Silverlight plugin (neither Safari, Chrome nor Firefox, see below for more information).

Silverlight is a free browser plug-in that is used for playing videos, animations and games. Find out here how to install the Silverlight plug-in on Safari for Mac.

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Install The Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in For Mac

Clicking the 'Download' link at the end of this guide automatically takes you to the Silverlight download page.

1. Introduction

When you see the Silverlight download page, click 'Download' to continue.

2. Download manager

Your download manager will open and the file will start to download.

This may take a few minutes.

3. Software installation

A dialog box will appear informing you that this package will run a program that determines if the software can be installed.

Click 'Continue'.

4. Browser plug-in installer

5. License agreement

Read the Software License Agreement and click 'Continue'.


6. Select a destination

You can select the disk where Silverlight is to be installed.

If you are unsure, just click 'Continue'.

7. Installation Type

8. Authenticate

You may be asked to enter the username and password for your Mac to install Silverlight. Enter your details and click 'OK'.

9. Installing

Silverlight is being installed, this may take a few minutes.

10. Silverlight installation complete



Certain services offered on the BBC website such as audio, video, animations and games require specific additional third party software (called 'plug-ins'). You may have such software already loaded onto your computer. If you do not then, should you wish to use these BBC services, you will need to licence and download such software from a third party software company.

We will direct you to the relevant pages of the software company website. The website will give a set of instructions that you will need to follow in order to download the plug-in. In particular you will be asked by the software company to agree to its terms and conditions of licence. Any such agreement is between you and the software company and the BBC does not accept any liability in relation either to the download or to the use of the plug-in.

The BBC does not use any plug-in that is not available FREE OF CHARGE. However most software companies will also offer versions of their plug-ins that require payment. We will always try to direct you to the free download pages of the software company site. You may of course choose to licence paid-for software from the third party. However if you only want to download the free plug-in you should not be asked for, nor give, any credit card or other payment details.

Finally, it is likely that you will be asked to enter personal details (name, address etc.) as part of the download process. If you do enter such information then it will be held by the software company subject to the Data Protection Act and other relevant privacy legislation. The company should therefore inform you what it intends to do with your data, and may direct you to its Privacy Policy. Please note that you will be submitting the data to the third party software company and not to the BBC and so the use of the data will NOT be covered by the BBC Privacy Policy.

Although the BBC uses third party plug-ins in order to provide the best possible web service, it does not endorse any third party software. If you choose to enter into an agreement with the third party and download the plug-in you do so at you own risk.

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In years past, the compatibility between most things Apple and Microsoft was limited, if not non-existent. Nowadays, Apple and Microsoft are making an effort to create products that are compatible across both platforms. For example, in 2010 Microsoft released a Mac compatible version of its Silverlight Web browser plugin.

Microsoft Silverlight Overview

On the developer end, Microsoft Silverlight is a tool for creating Web-based applications, similar to Adobe Flash. For example, streaming-movie and DVD delivery service Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight for the streaming video elements of its website. On the user end, it is a plugin that you install in your Web browser to be able to view Microsoft Silverlight content. The Microsoft Silverlight plugin is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.



As of 2010, Microsoft Silverlight is compatible with Mac OS X. More specifically, the Microsoft Silverlight Web browser plugin is compatible with Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, so you can use it with whichever browser you prefer. If you haven’t installed the Microsoft Silverlight Plugin and you come across Silverlight content, you will receive a notice explaining that you need to install the plugin to view the content.

Installing Microsoft Silverlight

To install Microsoft Silverlight, navigate to Microsoft’s website in your browser and download a free copy of the plugin. When the download has completed, double-click the DMG file to mount the disk image. Double-click the installer icon and follow the instructions. You may need to restart your browser after installation. You will need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin on each Web browser with which you want to use it.

Microsoft Silverlight Preferences

Due to the fact that Microsoft Silverlight is a plugin and not an application, you won’t be able to access your preferences through the top menu bar of your Mac’s Desktop. In fact, Microsoft Silverlight preferences are in a completely different location than the plugin itself. Upon installation, Microsoft Silverlight creates an alias in your Applications folder. Double-clicking this alias opens your preferences, not the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

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Install The Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in For Mac
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