Free Wireframe Design Tool For Mac

Free Wireframe Design Tool For Mac

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Gone are the times when you need to create website wireframes manually without any tool as this may be quite time-consuming and hectic process. Various wireframe software has rocked the wireframe creation process as these offer a simple yet effective way to create a wireframe.


Some of the software even come with drag and drop boxes that you will find quite simple to work with. This software lets you create a fantastic design and mockup work in a convenient way. Let’s explore top wireframe software online that you can try to create a wireframe efficiently.

Lucidchart is a free wireframe builder and UI design tool which is a solution for visual communication and cross-platform collaboration. It offers hundreds of free templates and shapes with easy drag and drop functionality to create professional flowcharts, process maps, UML models, org charts, wireframing, iOS mockups and more.


ProtoShare is an advanced and functional wireframe creation software that lets you create intuitive designs of websites, mobile apps, wireframes and other applications while saving your tremendous amount of time. It is quite easy to use and effective prototyping software that you can utilize to visualize requirements by creating amazing wireframes.


Visio is another wireframe software tool that helps you communicate and simplify complex data with data-linked diagrams. You can create these diagrams in just a few seconds using Visio’s advanced functionality. This software lets you create professional diagrams conveniently and add life to them with effective data linking. Try this software program and enhance your overall wireframe creation work.


iPlotz is a wireframe software utility that allows you to create navigable and clickable wireframes for websites. You can simply create wireframe pages and design various components using library consisting of so many icons and tools. Mockups created through this software can be navigated and viewed by any user whether it’s a desktop user or a mobile user.







Other Wireframe Software for Different Platforms

As you might need to create a wireframe on a device based on a particular platform. So there are other wireframe software tools as well designed for your wireframe building needs with a particular operating system. Have a look at below mentioned wireframe software programs for windows, android and Mac systems and try on your device.

Best Wireframe Software for Windows – Photoshop CC


Photoshop CC is a windows wireframe software that comes with a huge library of interface elements and tools helpful in creating comprehensive diagrams and shapes to make you create innovative wireframes. This software makes sketching quick ideas, grouping elements and creating layers quite simple and faster. Try this amazing wireframe software and give your ideas a platform.


Best Wireframe Software for Android – Framer

Framer is a functional and powerful wireframe software for android devices that help you to create amazing and innovative layouts with greater ease. It comes with a transition and functional effects that help you build real and innovative interfaces along with customizable components. This lets you easily drag and drop, scroll or move with just a gesture or touch through your android device.

Best Wireframe Software for Mac – InDesign CC

InDesign CC is a powerful Mac wireframe software that allows you to craft outstanding layout quickly and simply. InDesign lets you create an interactive mockup of an application or website in a PDF form using various images, videos, animations and other objects. It also allows you to create libraries of page elements so that you can utilize them for further use as well.

Additional Wireframe Software for All Platforms

In addition to above-mentioned wireframe utilities for windows, android and mac, there are more such applications that are usable on various platforms including Ubuntu, Linux and more. Some of these wireframe software include Balsamiq Mockups, Axure, Pidoco, Fireworks CS6, Penultimate, OmniGraffle, Gliffy and Framebox. You can try any of this software for your system.

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Best Wireframe Software for 2016 – Indigo Studio

Indigo Studio is one of the most popular wireframe software that comes with a set of features to help you create wireframes most elegantly. It allows you to build code free and responsive prototyping. This comes with a reusable library that helps you create reusable diagrams, buttons, navigation toolbars, dialogs and more. Try this amazing wireframe tool and enhance your prototyping experience.

What is Wireframe Software?

A wireframe creation is a basic step while creating a website structure. It is just like a skeletal of a website or application that represents an idea about how your website or application will work like. Creative wireframes or preparing mockups might be a time-consuming and thoughtful process.

But this thoughtful process can be made more interesting, creative and simpler with various wireframe software programs available online. This software come with various functionalities and tools that let you come up with an innovative idea instantly. The various tools carried by this software allow you to create even tedious diagrams in just a few clicks thus making your task much simpler and convenient.

How to Install Wireframe Software?

Installation of a wireframing software is quite simple. It involves the same procedure as that of installing an ordinary software. Download wireframe software that you like and open for installation. The installation wizard will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions. After that, you can follow the guided procedure and complete the installation process.

Benefits of Using Wireframe Software

  • Wireframe software utilities help you to create even complicated diagrams quickly using their functional tools. Some of the software carry pre-crafted diagrams that you can utilize by just a single click.
  • The various smart and innovative shapes carried by this software allow you to boost productivity, disclose new themes and add enhanced customizations to your websites or applications.
  • As this software come with pre-built diagrams and structures so this help to save your time amazingly by eliminating the need to creating diagrams and shapes individually.
  • The drag and drop interface offered by these programs also help you to complete your wireframe conveniently and professionally.

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Free Wireframe Design Tool For Mac
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