Football Manager 2017 For Mac

Football Manager 2017 For Mac

Football Manager 2017 Gameplay on MacBook - Duration: 2:13. Games MacBook 4,262 views. Hi Emf, I play fm17 on a macbook air Early 2014 model so a 1.4ghx I5 and 4GB of ram. I tend to be able to play without any massive issues, the only slight disadvantage is the fact it gets loud and hot during matches and high processing segments as this is when the laptop does the handwork!

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Football Manager 2017 (abbreviated to FM17) is a football management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It was released on Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux on 4 November 2016.

The Football Manager Sub-Reddit plays any version of Football Manager, but the one that the Reddit XI experiment is based on runs on Football Manager 2017.

Most of the published posts are on Football Manager 2017 or the Mobile version of the game, but it is likely that previous games like Football Manager 2016 or 2015 might show up, and Championship Manager 01-02 is a favourite among players.


Despite Football Manager 2017 having favourable reviews on Metacritic and other reviews, however the game holds a 'Mostly Negative' review score overall on Steam.

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This is mostly because of the Chinese players' outrage at there not being a language option that suited them, so they gave negative reviews.

But the Steam reviews might not be very reliable.


Modding and Football Manager go hand in hand, and the Reddit XI team is a fully modded team. Modding the game can be in various ways, editing the database with the official Football Manager Editor, or adding logo packs that enhance the realism of the game.

The Reddit XI team will be using both, as the team is created with the Editor by u/ilovelabradors, and logos and kits made by u/SportingCampeao. But the driving force is the ones that signed up to have their fictional players in the team, with names ranging from Bernát Lukasz to Ilove Nudes.

Download Football Manager 2017 for Mac OS:

Football Manager 2017 is a football management simulator in which you have to become a Manager of the football team and lead it to success. In the game there are more than 2500 real football clubs and more than half a million real players and coaching staff. You will be able to determine the tactics of the match, hold conversations with the team, give instructions from the edge of the field and watch the game with the help of a magnificent three-dimensional engine.

Release Date: 4 November 2016
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Sports, Simulation Rufus for mac dmg.

New Features:

✔ In incoming messages there was a tab “news feed”, an analogue of the social network. There are published messages with hashtags, in which virtual fans Express their opinion about the club and the players.
✔ Improved 3D engine, new match viewing angles. More than 1500 improvements make the environment more detailed, and the players ‘ movements smoother and more natural.
✔ Simulation of the so — called “Brexit” – the UK’s exit from the European Union. The creators of the game offered their version of the consequences of this political phenomenon in the world of football.
✔ Redesigned Fantasy Draft mode. This mode offers small multiplayer matches, making it easier for players who find it difficult to coordinate long matches.
✔ The improvement of the system of the reports of the agents and employees of the club doing administration in Football Manager 2017 easier.
✔ There are two new types of positions-chief scientist, listed in the medical staff, and chief analyst, working with scouts.

Minimum System Requirements:

• OS: Mac OS 10.6 or highter!

Football Manager 2017 Mac Download Free Game for Mac OS X + Torrent!

Football Manager 2017 For Mac
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