Excel Wedding Guest List Template For Mac

Excel Wedding Guest List Template For Mac

Wedding Guest List is a ready-to-use excel template to track your guest list along with price estimator for the cost of reception with food preference.

When it comes to planning a guest list it becomes a hectic job. Making a guest list includes details like the guest’s address, relationship, food choice, and gifts, etc.

In addition to that, we also need to see that if the invitation has been accepted/declined. If you receive gifts then a thank you card is sent or not.

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Wedding Guest List Excel Template

To make this tedious job easy and simplify the guest listing process, we have created a Weeding Guest List Excel Template. You can record, track and manage your guest list with minimum efforts.

Additionally, it provides you with a summary of invitee’s gender, relationship with the bride or groom, RSVP, Food Choice/Preference. You can also calculate the catering expenses by filling in the pricing information.

In addition to the above, you can also download other personal finance templates like Monthly Household Budget, Personal Income-Expense Tracker, and Personal Budget.

Let us understand the contents of the template in detail and how to use it.

Contents of Wedding Guest List Excel Template

Preparing for a wedding can be a huge undertaking. There are arrangements to be made, menus to create, and guest lists to make. With so much going on, that last thing you want is to leave someone important off of your guest list, and without proper planning it can happen. Download these 30 Free Wedding Guest List Templates to help you prepare your own Wedding Guest List quickly. Weddings are not everyday events, so you can forget something important about how to plan a great wedding before the event.

This template consists of 2 sheets: Wedding List Organizer and Wedding Invitee Summary.

Wedding List Organizer

At the top, insert the name of the event and the date.

The template consists of 4 sections:

  • Invitee Details
  • Invitation Details
  • Invitee Counts
  • Gifts Received

Invitee Details:

Sr. No.: Serial Number. You don’t need to enter manually. As soon as you fill the name of the invitee it will auto-fill.

Name: Enter the name of the invitee. Use one row for each invitee. For example, if you have 4 invitees from one family, enter the name of each invitee in a different row.

Excel spreadsheet wedding guest list

Bride/Groom Relationship: Insert the relationship of the invitee with the bride/groom.

Invitee Status: Select “Main Invitee” from the drop-down list. The purpose of this field is to identify the number of cards distributed.

Select “Main Invitee” for each new Invitation Card. In the given example the first invitee has a total of 4 family members including the main invitee. Hence, for the remaining 3 guests, select “-” from the dropdown.

Invitation Card Count: No. of Invitation Card is automatically calculated. It changes its number whenever you add a “Main Invitee”. One card for one family.

Invitee Relationship: In this column, enter the relation of the main invitee with the bride/groom. For the rest of the invitees, enter their relation with the main invitee.

Gender: Insert the gender of the invitee. Male, female or child.

Invitation Details:

Invitees: When you invite all members of a family, select “All” from the dropdown list or else select ‘-‘. This section is useful when you need to write All in Invitees Column instead of no. of invitees.

Address, Phone and Email: Enter contact details of invitees.

Invitation Sent: Select “Yes” from the drop-down list the invitation is sent to the invitee. You can filter data using the table filter option to know the names of invitees whom the card is sent or not.

RSVP: Put RSVP “Yes” for all invitees. If the invitation is already sent but hasn’t received RSVP, then it includes those in invitee counts.

If you select RSVP as “No”, Invitee counted will be 0. Additionally, if the Invitation Sent Status is kept “No” then also it calculates 0 invitees.

Invitee Count:

Invitation Status: This column is auto-populated. It fetches the data and displays the status of the invitation accepted or rejected by the invitee. This helps in finalizing the invitee count.

If the Invitation Sent Status is “N0” it will display “Not Sent”. If you have received RSVP or if blank then also it displays “Accepted”. In case you have received a “No” in RSVP it will display “Rejected”.

The following columns consist of predefined formulas and are auto-populated:

Males Attendees
Female Attendees
Third Gender Attendees
Children Attendees
Guest Count (Accepted)
Guest Count (Rejected)
No .of Invitations Not Sent

Food Preference: Enter the food preference of guests like veg or non-veg whichever category they fall into.

Depending on this the following cells will calculate the count of food preference for adults and children. These columns consist of predefined formulas and will auto-populate.

Non-Veg (Adult)
Veg (Adult)
Non-Veg (Children)
Veg (Children)


Gifts Received: Insert the description of the gifts received. The gifts can in the form of cash or in the form of other things.

Thank You Note: It is a good gesture to send a thank you note to the gifter. Hence, this column marks the status of the thank you note given or not. Select “Yes” or “No” from the dropdown list.

Finally, if there are any additional details that you want to enter, you can enter them in the remarks column.

Wedding Invitee Summary

This whole sheet auto-populates with respect to the data entered in the Organizer. This sheet will display summary related to these five sections:

  1. Genter-wise Invitees
  2. RSVP Summary
  3. Invitees Bifurcation
  4. Food Preference
  5. Catering Expense Calculations
Guest list template excel

In Catering Expense Calculations, you need to enter the price per plate. It will automatically calculate the total expenses for that event.

Moreover, this section of the summary can be helpful while preparing your wedding budget.

Essential Tips for Preparing Your Invitee List

  • While planning your list, involve family members to talk about the guest list so that you don’t miss out on important guests and there are no surprises.
  • Before making a final list give time to jot down the names of everyone you can think of to attend your wedding. Old friends, office staff, third cousins, etc.
  • When finalizing your list be realistic nd consider everything keeping budget in mind. This will help you avoid stress later on.
  • Trim your list properly. Don’t invite those whom you haven’t known for long.
  • Avoid children. Try to have an adult-only wedding.
  • Make 2 lists: List A and List B. List consist of the must-have invitees which include family and close friends. List B consists of guests whom you really want to be there. Once you have enough RSVP regrets from List A, start sending invites to the people in List B.
  • It often happens that the guest crams additional names onto one line even if the invitation was made out to only one person. To avoid this, printing the name of the invited guest onto the RSVP card is a great option.
  • Parents of the bride/groom insist on inviting some extra people. In such cases, either you or your fiancé’s family will have to cut down some of your guests. Make them understand the budgetary issues or else put them in List B.
  • Avoid adding people to list during the final days.

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Excel Wedding Guest List Template For Mac
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