Broadway Font For Mac

Broadway Font For Mac

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Broadway is ideal for the design of decorative posters and display material. With no descenders in the lowercase letterforms, Broadway accepts bold underlining without the usual trouble of disappearing descenders. In addition, due to its high contrast, Broadway remains visible on backgrounds of similar density.

Broadway Regular font changed into designed through Morris Fuller Benton in 1927 for ATF as a capitals simplest display face. Broadway font family is a decorative typeface, possibly the archetypal artwork deco typeface.
It had an extended preliminary run of recognition, earlier than being discontinued by means of ATF in 1954.

Broadway Regular Font

In 1928, the application of pure geometric shape to sanserif and slabserif was in full swing. It turned into re-discovered within the bloodless type generation and has ever for the reason that been used to rouse the sensation of the Twenties and Thirties. El emulador de ordenador mac.

When broadway font was rediscoverd then several editions had been made like Broadway (1928, Morris Fuller Benton, ATF),

Capitals simplest, Broadway Engraved (1928, Sol Hess, Monotype),

Broadway (with lowercase) (1929, Hess, Monotype),

Broadway Condensed (1929, Benton, ATF). You can download it for free from here for your personal use.

Broadway Font For Mac
CategorySans Serif
Designer(s)Morris Fuller Benton
Commissioned byAmerican Type Founders
FoundryAmerican Type Founders
Date created1927
Date released1928
Re-issuing foundriesLanston Monotype

Broadway is a decorative typeface, perhaps the archetypal Art Deco typeface. The original face was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1927 for ATF as a capitals only display face. It had a long initial run of popularity, before being discontinued by ATF in 1954. It was re-discovered in the Cold Type Era and has ever since been used to evoke the feeling of the twenties and thirties. Several variants were made:[1]

  • Broadway (1928, Morris Fuller Benton, ATF), capitals only.
  • Broadway Engraved (1928, Sol Hess, Monotype).
  • Broadway (with lowercase) (1929, Hess, Monotype).
  • Broadway Condensed (1929, Benton, ATF).

Digital Copies[edit]

Digital versions are now made by Linotype, Elsner+Flake, Monotype, Bitstream, and URW++. Similar fonts, such as ITC Manhattan and Glitzy are sold by ITC and Ingrimayne Type respectively.


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