Best Alternatives To Greenshot For Mac

Best Alternatives To Greenshot For Mac

Greenshot for Mac Jing Free. Screeny Free. Movavi Screen Capture. PhotoScape X. Smart Screen Capture. Lightshot Free. Screen Capture Pro. Screen Capture X. Screen Capture Tool. Easy Screen Record Lite Free. ScreenRec ’s easy-to-use interface is enough to make it the best screenshot apps but there’s another department where it outranks many other screenshot programs— instant private sharing. More about that below.

PicPick is a universal screen capturing and designing tools that will make you able to take a picture in your PC screen, edit it, save it and share with others. PicPick is one of the best screen capturing tool that also integrated with an image editor, designing tools, color picker, pixel ruler and a lot of others… read more

15 PicPick Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Greenshot

Greenshot is a free and open source screen capturing and screenshot tool for the Windows operating systems that provide the users with the system of getting quick screenshots and annotate them according to their own requirement as well. Greenshot is not for only taking the snaps of Windows only; rather it is also used for performing some editing functions on the taken snap as well. Like the users can highlight the specific part of the image as well and they can send the snap after editing with the other users as well. In addition to the function of screenshot taking, there is a small and basic tasks organizer image editor in the Greenshot as well by using which the users can perform small scale of editing tasks on their images as well. The main highlighted features of Greenshot that you can say as the advantage of using the Greenshot are the quick creation of screenshot of the selected part of the windows, easily basic editing of the screenshot taken, export of screenshot in various formats, direct printing and sharing with others as well.


2. WinSnap

WinSnap is a screenshot taking, editing and sharing application. In most of the screenshot taking applications, there is no system for adding comments or notes in the image taken but WinSnap is among those few applications that deals in this feature and enable the users to add notes or comment on any part of the screenshot taken. The users of WinSnap can also apply the visual effects on the image taken to enhance its beauty. That is the best thing about the WinSnap that it delivers the users with the best possible options and features to improve their work and productivity. This user-friendly application is available in two modes that are WinSnap Free and WinSnap Premium. WinSnap Free provide the users with free features and functions but with limited functionalities. It is WinSnap Premium that comes with all features and functions of the WinSnap against one-time price of $29.95. WinSnap is one of the best way to take the screenshot of any part of the active word and then enhancing its beauty by simply using the image editing features of the WinSnap that contains the watermark system, color effects, reflections, system for highlighting any specific part of the image, professional looking shadows, annotating of screenshots and much more.


3. MWSnap

MWSnap is basically a free to use Windows snapping tools that are used for snapping any part of the screen that is currently displaying on the front of all opened programs and windows. However, in addition to performing the function of snapping, MWSnap mostly deals with five other functions as well that are regarding graphing, formats, color picking, editing and some others. It means the purpose of MWSnap is not only to deal in snapping of images only; rather it can be used for performing various other functions as well. There are many graphic tools in the MWSnap in the shape of the color picker, windows spy, zoom and ruler. One copy of MWSnap is enough to perform the functions as mentioned earlier instead of going for individual software for each. By using this program, the users can simply capture the any part of the desktop in the shape of the image and can save it in any popular image format as well.


4. FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is an all in one universal screenshot capturing and screen recording platform for the Windows operating systems that is used for taking the screenshot of the selected region of the opened program in the windows and also recording what is going on the screen of the windows. It is one of the best programs that is used two primary functions of taking the screenshot of the opened programs and also recording the activities going on the screen by the users. The best about FastStone Capture is that there is a basic image editor in the FastStone Capture as well that can easily perform basic image editing functions as well. After taking the screenshot of the windows, the users can perform various functions over that screenshot by sending that image to the editor of the FastStone Capture. They can also export the picture as well for the purpose of sending them via mail or exporting in the format of MS Office as well. From screenshot taking to annotating, FastStone Capture is the perfect one application that is an expert in all segments.


5. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is the integrated screenshot taking the application in the Windows operating systems that automatically installed in the system during the installation of the Windows. This feature of Windows is available in almost all versions of the Windows operating systems. Snipping Tool allows the users of Windows to take the snap of any part of the opened program in the Windows easily. It can be used for performing some basic image editing functions as well as highlighting any specific part of the screenshot taken by the users. The other best thing about Snipping Tool is that it enables the users to save the image taken in various image and photo formats as well. The main advantage of using the Snipping Tool is that instead of taking the screenshot of the opened program by itself, Snipping Tool gives the users an opportunity to select their own the part of the program they want to take the snap. The types of snaps available in the Snipping Tool are the free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip and full-screen snip. All these formats of Snipping Tool provide the users with the best options of taking the screenshots.


6. Shutter

Shutter is a fully featured screenshot taking tool for the UNIX and Linux operating systems. Shutter provides the users of these operating systems to take the snap of any part of the program or window and later then edit it to modify it. In addition to providing the users with the system of taking the screenshot of any part of the program, Shutter enables the users to apply various effects on the image by simply selecting the effects from the database of available effects. After editing the screenshot at their own liking, the users can then upload the image for the purpose of online sharing with the others. The list of primary capturing systems of Shutter includes the various styles and options in the shape of capture a particular area, capture your desktop, capture a window, capture a tooltip or window and even capture a website. Most of the screenshot capturing applications are best in taking the screenshot of the desktop and opened program only. These programs are not as much effect in the case of website capturing as Shutter is. Shutter also support for the various editing functions as well that are regarding adding texts, effects, or censoring any part of the image as well.


7. Snagit

Snagit is a universal screen capturing application that provides the two functions of screenshot taking and screen recording to its users. Whatever you see on your desktop screen, Snagit will allow you to take the screenshot of any part of the desktop that you want. You can even use it for recording the activities going on your monitor as well. That means, in that’s way Snagit can be used for the purpose of making the tutorial as well. However, here we are discussing the feature of taking the screenshot by the Snagit. After taking the screenshot, Snagit provides basic image editing functions and features as well and in that’s area the users can add multiple effects on the screenshot that they take. Snagit will never force you to take the screenshot of the desktop on its own; rather it freely enable to its users to select the part of the opened windows the image of whom they want to take. It works more than a print tool of the Windows and gives the users a complete tool for quick and easiest capture and screen recording on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Snagit is the fine combination of both traditional and modern screen recording and capturing tools.


8. ShareX

ShareX is a free and open source screenshot capturing and screen recording application that is integrated with the features and functions of various productivity and sharing tools as well. The best about ShareX is that unlike the traditional print system in the Windows that take the screenshot of the entire display of the monitor, ShareX work on the methods of providing the users with the different screenshot taking frames. These frames are available in formats of full screen capturing, windows capturing, monitor capturing, rectangle screenshot taking and various other style and formats. The main advantage of using ShareX is that it provides the users with more features and functions regarding the screenshot taking. Moreover, ShareX can be used for screen recording as well. The other best thing about ShareX is that it enables the users to save the images taken in almost forty different formats. There is an image editor in the ShareX as well that is the expert in performing various editing functions regarding adding effects, correction of images, adding watermarks or highlighting any particular part of the image as well.


9. Jing

Jing is a free screencast and screenshot capturing tool that makes it possible for the users to take the image of any part of the screen easily or make the recording of the desktop and make the short videos. After that, the users can share the taken images or recorded videos with the others as well. Jing is a free and simple way to start taking the screenshot of images and sharing with others. You can also term it the screen sharing program as well that make it possible for the users to share even the screen of their PC with others. Either you are sitting in the home or working from the office; Jing delivers you with the options of adding basic visual elements to your captures and share the same with other users with in go. Jing is a way to enhance your online communication by taking the screenshot and sharing with others in real time. Jing even enables its users to capture the images, basic videos, animation and other kinds of still images and then in the real time share them on the websites or attach in an email. Simply capture the image and record the video of what you see.


10. Lightshot

Lightshot is a lightweight yet highly capable screenshot program for the Windows and Mac users by using which they can take the image of any part of the screen. It is very easy to take the image of any part of the screen that starts with the selection of the image displaying on the screen via Lightshot and saving it in the PC. In addition of simple screenshot taking, Lightshot delivers its users with dozens of other tools and features as well to make their work easy and simple. They can use the Lightshot for performing various other functions as well. The main highlighted features and functions of Lightshot are a fast screenshot of the selected active area of the PC and Mac, easy to use application, best user management system, availability of powerful editors for editing the images, sharing the screenshots with others and lot of others. The unique feature of Lightshot is that it provides the users with the system of finding the similar image of that one that the users provide the Lightshot for the purpose of searching.


11. Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a high-class program for screen grabbing, annotating, manipulating and sharing screenshots with others. It is different from other traditional screenshot taking applications on various grounds. Screenshot Captor is the convenient and easiest way of taking and editing the screenshots of the active parts of the window. It delivers the users various versatile features and functions that they can do with the images they have taken off the active part of the windows. The main highlighted features and functions of Screenshot Captor are easy to use, system for taking snapshots of the websites and from webcam, record the videos, quick capture dock bar, full set of scanner acquisition tools for correcting the scanned images, availability of transparency effects, scrolling capture tools, availability of various special image effects, ability to embed textual comments, format conversion system, multi-monitor support and much more. In short, Screenshot Captor is a best one screenshot taking application because it delivers the more features and functions as compared to the other programs.


12. Screenpresso

Screenpresso is an ultimate screen capturing tool that is based on the two areas of screenshot taking either the entire window or full screen or region based capture. In addition to dealing with screenshot capturing, Screenpresso deals in video screen capturing as well. That means after installing the Screenpresso; you can deal with two functions either to take the screenshot of the active part of the window or video screen capturing. Screenpresso is for those who are required to organize training sessions and want to present more detailed work in front of the audience. It is saying that an image is worth thousand words. Based on the same principle, Screenpresso enable its users to take the screenshot of any part of the active window and make it the part of the presentation and present the same in front of the audience, Screenpresso is a lightweight yet powerful screen grab application that is integrated with an image editor, user guide generator and sharing system. The image editing functions of Screenpresso enable the users to edit their screenshots easily and highlight those areas of the screenshots that matter most for users’ point of view. The document generator system of Screenpresso even enables the users to create the PDF documents of the image taken as well. That’s why Screenpresso is called as a universal image taking and screen recorder.


13. Skitch

Skitch is a snapshot and screenshot taking program designed for the Mac users to get the screenshot of any active part of the window. The highly advanced image capturing system of Skitch delivers the users with the multiple screenshots capturing methods and gives them with an ultimate access to edit these as well. It even enables the users to share the screenshot taken with the others as well. Skitch make it simple and easy for its users to snap the any part of the screen, highlight the central part, edit it by using the editing tools of the Skitch and in the last share it successfully with the other users. Skitch is the nice way to present your ideas in a perfect way. The users can use the Skitch for various purpose that can be either for learning purpose, fun purpose to see how it works, home purpose to annotate the photos taken, school purpose to share the diagram or other work with other b simply taking the snap and sharing with others, event purpose to capture the map and share the same with others, and for work purpose to highlight the specific part of the work and share with other by simply attaching in an email.


14. Snipping Tool++

Snipping Tool++ is a software that allows the user to take the screenshot of the screen or any page and save it on the computer. It is a free tool and allows the user to screenshot the live image of the screen, including all kinds of display. Moreover, this application gives the user a platform to share those screenshots online.

The software provides three key features: capturing and editing of the screen and uploading it online. The editing feature of the software is far better than others as it has multiple editing tools, i.e., a user can change the size, opacity, and blurriness of the captured image.

The image viewer and cloud history feature of the Snipping Tool++ allows the user to keep the history of all the screenshots and copy from there whenever needed, and a user can download his upload history from the cloud on any computer through a registered keyset. Visual studio for mac preview split view.


15. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is free, lightweight software that enables the user to record or take the screenshot of the screen. No hectic and lengthy training is needed in using this software; it is simple to use. A user can simply select the capture area either full screen or any part of it with this software and could get the work done and can record a sound in it too.

A user can get a private and secure cloud link to share his recordings or screenshots with other users, and no upload time is required for it. The software keeps all the recordings stored in an online library so that the user does not have to search his emails and can access the required material in one click.

The security feature provides the user with a protection option through the password to restrict the view of unwanted viewers by Geo-location and public IP address. The Deep Analytics feature of the software removes the doubt whether the client has seen the video or not, as this feature will provide every single detail, i.e., when did they watch, how much they watched and how many times they watched.

More About PicPick

PicPick is a universal screen capturing and designing tools that will make you able to take a picture in your PC screen, edit it, save it and share with others. PicPick is one of the best screen capturing tool that also integrated with an image editor, designing tools, color picker, pixel ruler and a lot of others. The one installed version of PicPick can be used for performing various functions regarding the images and colors. The user-friendly environment of PicPick makes it easy for the users to take the screenshot of any part of the monitor and then share it with others. PicPick is a perfect option for home purpose, developers and programmers. The technical features and functions of PicPick that you can said as the advantages of using PicPick are capture anything and any part of the active window, edit the images through the image editor of the PicPick, enhance the screenshot by applying various available effects, share the images with others even via cloud storage service, availability of a lot of graphical accessories and fully customizable environment.

So, you’re on your desktop and you find yourself needing to do a quick screen grab. What do you do? Do you just buy Snagit because the internet has been force feeding it to you for years? Or do you roll up your sleeves and decide to look for a free alternative to Snagit?

Snagit is a program that works as a screen recorder with an image screen capturing tool, a snipping tool, and video/audio recording capabilities. Here’s the thing, though, there are so many other programs like Snagit that are free, and, dare we say, even better.

Hold on to your head as we blow your mind with these 9 free alternatives to Snagit that you HAVE to try in 2020.


  • 2 The best free alternatives to Snagit

Is there a free version of Snagit?

Let’s get this out of the way now; no, THERE IS NO FREE VERSION OF SNAGIT.

Snagit is available to purchase for $49.95.

Why you have to pay for a tool so simple as screen capture is beyond our understanding, but Snagit only comes in a premium package.

The best free alternatives to Snagit

1) Screenrec

Screenrec is a powerful alternative to Snagit for Windows (Lastest Windows 10, 8, 7 are supported ), Linux and Mac. It is both screenshot capture tool and screen recording software. Powered by StreamingVideoProvider, Screenrec uses a sophisticated algorithm to upload your recording to the cloud in real time. So, as soon as you finish recording, you instantly get a shareable link.

The interface is mind-blowingly simple. Capturing screencasts or screenshots is as easy as opening the app, selecting your capture area, and pressing a button. It comes with a very simple but yet powerful screenshot annotation tool and lets you add comments, draw rectangles and arrows or add text.

You have the option of recording audio from a mic or your system, or both. Yes, both! That, plus the ability to record unlimited videos for free, makes Screenrec the best free alternative to Snagit.

Screenrec does much more than Snagit (and for $0) which makes it the best snagit alternative

2) Windows Snipping Tool

The Windows snipping tool is a PC screenshot tool that is included in Windows Vista and later by default. It simply takes a “photo” of the screen. Whether it’s an open window, rectangular area, free-form area or the entire full screen itself, the snipping tool makes it easy.

When you have a snip, you can add annotation or edit the image.

Now, you might be thinking, “How is it free if it comes with Windows?” Yes, technically you have to buy Windows, but since you don’t have to purchase the screenshot tool separately, we’ll say it’s free.

So, if you want to capture the contents of the screen and don’t want to pay 50 bucks for something so basic, the Windows Snipping Tool works as a viable alternative to Snagit. But, if you need to record a video of your screen, you’re out of luck.

The Snipping Tool is a simple screenshot utility built into Windows

3) Greenshot

Greenshot is a free and open source screen-capture tool that can serve as a Snagit free alternative for Windows 7. It is quite unfortunate that Greenshot is only compatible with Windows, but hey, it’s free, so we can’t judge.

Greenshot is a fairly simple program that gives you all you need when capturing screenshots. It is very lightweight and refrains from making you climb a steep learning curve.

We are lazy. Give us something that we can understand in five minutes. That’s what Greenshot does and it makes us happy.

Greenshot is simple, lightweight screenshot software

4) Lightshot

Install greenshot for free

Lightshot is yet another free software like Snagit (well, besides the ‘free’ part obviously). Lightshot, available in Google Chrome Web Store, is a browser extension app that not only allows you to easily take a screenshot, but allows you to upload it to the server and creates a short link, similar to Screenrec.

With Lightshot, you can also search for images similar to the one you captured. We’re not exactly sure what the point of that is, but it’s cool nonetheless. Either way, Lightshot is still a free Snagit alternative worth downloading for Chrome users.

It is worth mentioning, however, that these plugins often cause lagging.

Lightshot is a free Chrome extension that allows you to capture screenshots

5) Jing

Jing is an interesting alternative to Snagit in that they were both created and released by TechSmith. With both a free and premium version, Jing allowed you to record audio and video then upload directly to the internet automatically creating a shareable link.

You’ve probably noticed that we used the term “allowed”, in the past tense. That is because Jing is no longer available for video capture and has been replaced with Snagit.

But before you begin shouting at us, you should know that Jing can still be used for simple image capturing and, yes, it is still free. It may have lost a capability or two, but it’s still a Snagit alternative.

Jing is another screenshot utility by Techsmith (the creators of Snagit)

6) PicPick

We’re going to keep this one as simple as the app itself. PicPick is an easy screen capture tool that allows you to extensively edit the image you’ve captured. With cool graphics accessories like a color picker, pixel ruler, and color palette, there are hundreds of ways to edit and design anything on your screen.

Their free version excludes you from automatic updates and tech support (which we found quite rude) but it’s not a bad alternative to Snagit for Windows. You certainly won’t be displeased… unless you end up needing support, then yes, you are on your own.

PickPick captures screenshots and lets you edit them

7) TinyTake

TinyTake is in the same realm as Screenrec in that it allows for video and image capture for free. Yet, unlike Screenrec, you can only record up to 5 minutes of video.

You have the ability to add a text to your recording and share it online. It’s fairly easy to use with a simple interface and easy to understand options.

Sadly, it is only available for Windows. So, all you Mac and Linux users, we apologize on their behalf. Yet, we can’t be too hard on TinyTake. There aren’t too many free Snagit alternatives for windows that can record video along with images.

TinyTake is one of the free Snagit alternatives that can also record video

8) Screenpresso

Screenpresso sounds like an app that’s exclusive to coffee shop owners, but don’t worry, it’s available to anyone. Adding to our list of image and video captures for free, Screenpresso fits snuggly among the elites.

Simple, easy to use, minimal interface, immediate sharing. You know the drill. The recurring issue, however: it is only available for Windows. It is still a sweeter option than the $50 Snagit.

Screenpresso is a simple image screen capturing tool

9) Shutter

Hey, Ubuntu/Linux users! Have we got an app for you! Shutter swings in to attempt to help you capture your computer screen. If you’re looking for a simple image capturing tool for Linux, this could be it.

Video capture is not available, but they make up for this flaw with fairly decent editing features and available plugins for cool effects. It is without a doubt worth a shot for Ubuntu loyalists that don’t need to record screen video.

Shutter is an image screen capturing tool for Linux/Ubuntu

What is the best snipping tool?

We’ll leave that decision up to you. Each program offers unique features and tools, but in our opinion, Screenrec takes the cake. It is the only tool that runs on most operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac, captures images as well as it works as a video recorder and offers instant sharing. Screenrec is a triple threat that no other free screen capture tool has been able to match.


In all, Snagit hurts our brains and our wallets. It doesn’t offer nearly enough features or capabilities to not be free. With 9 proven top snagit alternatives alternatives, you have plenty of options though. We hope this breakdown has been helpful and you will find here the right tool for your needs.

What is the difference between Snagit and Camtasia?

Snagit is a screen capture tool that can record your desktop and grab screenshots. Camtasia can record your screen but can't capture screenshots. Camtasia is designed for more professional video editing and it has many more options compared to SnagIt. In short, SnagIt is like an easier, more basic version of Camtasia that can capture screenshots.

Can you record video with Snagit?

Yes. Go to the Video tab and select the option that best fits your use case. You can capture your desktop with the cursor and include your webcam (face cam) if you want.

Can you record audio with Snagit?

Yes, you can record the computer audio. Go to the Video tab and switch on 'Record System Audio'.

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